Journalists- tough nuts to crack?

23/11/2016 13:05PM

From time to time I like to bring you some useful tips for getting your PR just right. And this time of year is ideal for putting plans in place for 2017. I regularly offer advice on my Twitter page- so follow me if you fancy  What do journalists these days like and dislike about press releases and pitches from businesses? I've been speaking to a few across a range of media from radio/TV and trade to glossy magazines and newspapers. Here's what they ...

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Happy Birthday AAA

13/01/2016 16:02PM

2016 marks Anna Addison Associates' 11th year in business. It had actually escaped my mind until the lovely folk at HMRC sent me a letter! It got me thinking about what an incredible, challenging, tumultuous 11 years it has been. I can't believe it has been that long. I have worked- and continue to work- with some fascinating, brilliant (and often crazy!) businesses, organisations and people and 2016 is already presenting some huge opportunities. I won't pretend and say that the last...

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What is 'Ego PR'?

14/10/2015 17:32PM

Which publications would you like to be in, in the perfect PR world? If it were that easy? It's a question that we often discuss- with potential clients, fellow PRs, journalists, friends… Many would instantly reply, "Sunday Times!" "Tatler!" "Daily Telegraph!" "Elle!" "BBC Breakfast!" You get the idea. People often think the best exposure is going to be the big national media outlets. And, don't get me wrong, it can be. But it can also be a case of, what I call 'Ego PR'. Think about it. Is y...

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What journalists hate! By a BBC journalist.

04/09/2015 17:06PM

Want to know what goes on inside the head of a journalist? Here's some tips from BBC Sport journalist, Paul Addison: -If there's one thing that is guaranteed to annoy a journalist, it's taking calls from pushy PRs. I know we're all busy people, but in newsrooms up and down the land there are far fewer hacks than there used to be, and their time is precious. Phone calls from people promising the earth from a story that quite frankly isn't worth running is sure to light the...

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Do you get the X Factor?

27/08/2015 16:20PM

Love it or loathe it, X Factor is back! But, no matter what you think about the show, Mr Cowell et al know how to capitalise on their product to get good PR. He's a well oiled PR machine! Personally, I am a fan (I do miss Gary Barlow though!) and I am looking forward to this new 'revamped' series. It's easy viewing, you don't have to think about it and it's the flipping weekend- relax! I actually believe what the production team has done with X Factor is a masterstroke. Obviously, t...

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Popping up all over...!

25/06/2015 16:34PM

One of the best bits about being in business is getting out and about and meeting other people, getting tips and advice and generally keeping up to date with what is going on in the marketplace.I'm really pleased to be involved with a range of events for the Local Enterprise Partnership across York/North Yorkshire and the East Riding and also Hambleton District Council.As well as providing PR workshops, I'm also going to be involved in the LEP's Pop-up Business Cafe event being held at the Sprin...

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We won- funding to secure free networking in Stokesley!

04/06/2015 11:07AM

As some of you might know, I have been involved in establishing a free business networking group for Stokesley and the surrounding areas. 'Thirsty Thursday' has been running since last November at The Mill in Stokesley and has so far attracted in the region of 150 businesses from all over Hambleton and Teesside. What started as an idea whilst myself and Sue Thompson, from Catch Designs, were enjoying a cuppa having, met through Superfast North Yorkshire, has grown into quite an event...

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PR- Our Top 10 Tips for Success

26/05/2015 17:53PM

How do you go about getting your PR off the ground? These are our top 10 tips..... More inches for your money- PR is cost-effective. A good PR consultant should ensure you get more column inches for your money. Flood warning! The worst thing you can do is continually send out press releases or emails about yourself and/or your business. Don't flood the press! Who do you want to contact? Is your story for the news pages? The business pages? Know your target audience and get to know who write...

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