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Happy Birthday AAA

2016 marks Anna Addison Associates' 11th year in business. It had actually escaped my mind until the lovely folk at HMRC sent me a letter!

It got me thinking about what an incredible, challenging, tumultuous 11 years it has been. I can't believe it has been that long.

I have worked- and continue to work- with some fascinating, brilliant (and often crazy!) businesses, organisations and people and 2016 is already presenting some huge opportunities.

I won't pretend and say that the last 11 years have been completely amazing- they haven't always!

Running a business is full of massive, massive highs and exceptional lows. But it's the lows we learn from and, if we're honest, end up thriving on.

I am often asked, "Why don't you get premises?" "Why haven't you got a huge team?" Honestly? If it ain't broken, why break it? I have been approached several times- especially in the last 2-3 years- by people offering to buy me out/buy in but I am my business and I always will be.

Every single step I have taken has been carefully considered and for a reason.

Yes, there are people out there who have tried and will continue to try to sabotage (who they believe to be) the 'little people' like me but we'll be ok.

I've ridden two recessions, watched umpteen similar businesses flush themselves down the loo and had firms send me solicitor's letters when they see me as 'competition'. We're not competitors, we're contemporaries. But thanks to those letters, I thrive- in fact one of the solicitors is now a client, so thanks for that!

2016 will see Anna Addison Associates continue to do what we love and are best at- PRogress, PRomote and PRotect businesses, individuals and organisations- PR in various forms.

I'm also very excited to be hosting Hambleton District Council's Strategic Business Forum in May in Easingwold, North Yorkshire which will see dozens of local businesses discuss the region's economic future with MPs and high profile business leaders.

In addition, this year I am also embarking on a challenging, new qualification. It'll certainly add another string to the Anna Addison Associates bow!

In the meantime, thanks to everyone who has played a part in the last 11 years- dare I say, here's to another 11?