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PR- Our Top 10 Tips for Success

How do you go about getting your PR off the ground? These are our top 10 tips.....

  1. More inches for your money- PR is cost-effective. A good PR consultant should ensure you get more column inches for your money.
  2. Flood warning! The worst thing you can do is continually send out press releases or emails about yourself and/or your business. Don't flood the press!
  3. Who do you want to contact? Is your story for the news pages? The business pages? Know your target audience and get to know who writes what.
  4. Timing is everything- so think about it! When should you issue a press release? And never ever miss a deadline.
  5. Size matters! And bigger doesn't mean better. Your press release or email pitch needs to be concise and to the point. And give the flowery language a miss as journalists see right through this. They don't have time for it.
  6. Get your facts right! Names, addresses, titles, spelling, grammar, quotes- these are crucial. Make sure anyone quoted gives you their permission. You don't want to be held responsible for libel or slander.
  7. Get online- never underestimate the power of online magazines and social networking.
  8. Every picture tells a story- so good quality photographs are a must and should be issued with every press release.
  9. Where's my story? Manage your own expectations. Journalists get hundreds of emails everyday and not every story will be used. It can take several weeks before your story might appear- longer with monthly publications.
  10. Keep out! In some instances you want to keep your brand or name out of the media. Reputation management is key in a crisis.