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Do you get the X Factor?

Love it or loathe it, X Factor is back!

But, no matter what you think about the show, Mr Cowell et al know how to capitalise on their product to get good PR. He's a well oiled PR machine!

Personally, I am a fan (I do miss Gary Barlow though!) and I am looking forward to this new 'revamped' series. It's easy viewing, you don't have to think about it and it's the flipping weekend- relax!

I actually believe what the production team has done with X Factor is a masterstroke. Obviously, the viewing figures remain to be seen but I think the changes they've made are really quite clever and very PR and social media savvy.

Consider this- Nick Grimshaw has been brought in as a judge. I confess, I am a big fan (I know I'm not the target age group, but who cares?).

'Grimmy' presents arguably one of the biggest breakfast shows in the UK on BBC Radio 1.

However, there is a constant battle to keep the audience figures high for his show and attract new listeners in the competitive radio marketplace in an era when the target demographic is obsessed with social media, downloads, YouTubing etc.

Hence, Radio 1 and Nick Grimshaw need a boost- they need to keep their PR constant and relevant. Nothing wrong with that.

And so does X Factor- viewing figures for the last instalment weren't good and Mr Cowell realises that. He's a businessman. He gets it. And he gets the value of PR.

That's why I believe recruiting Grimmy is a clever idea- he talks about X Factor on his breakfast show, X Factor gets brilliant exposure through the week on a primetime, target audience breakfast show. Something it previously has not had.

Likewise, Grimmy is on primetime Saturday and Sunday evening TV- and lots of those viewers will want to tune in to hear him on his radio show- to keep up with the gossip, if you like. He's being exposed to, potentially, millions of new listeners.

It's a great example of cross-promotion and PR working well for two parties that might ordinarily not be bedfellows- it's rare for the BBC and ITV to cross promote and work together so comfortably. But these are ever-changing media times...

Let's face it, everyone has an opinion and talks about X factor. And that's what PR is all about.