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What is 'Ego PR'?

Which publications would you like to be in, in the perfect PR world? If it were that easy?

It's a question that we often discuss- with potential clients, fellow PRs, journalists, friends…

Many would instantly reply, "Sunday Times!" "Tatler!" "Daily Telegraph!" "Elle!" "BBC Breakfast!"

You get the idea.

People often think the best exposure is going to be the big national media outlets. And, don't get me wrong, it can be.

But it can also be a case of, what I call 'Ego PR'.

Think about it.

Is your target market devouring the major nationals day in day out? Or are these people buying the local newspapers, consuming news online, reading trade press and switching on local radio?

In other words, which media will benefit your business the most, not your ego!

I work and have worked with many, many clients in my ten years in business and, from the very start we always discuss the target market and what these people will be reading. This is vital.

Sometimes people say to me, "Ah but I want to be in The Times." Ok, that's fine and I have lots of national media contacts who I work with on a daily basis. But, very often, this won't spike the interest of the people that matter- your customers.

So when you're planning your PR, put the ego back in the box and think about what your target markets are reading!