PR- it can be a minefield, so here are some answers to some of our frequently asked questions. Don't forget you can contact us if you have any more.

What is PR?

Put simply, PR is all about your profile- raising it, maintaining it and protecting it.
Or as we like to describe it: -

Is PR different to advertising?

Yes, very. PR is all about telling your stories and communicating your messages in an effective way. It's about media relations. PR should always be more cost-effective than advertising (if you hire the right person!) but PR and advertising also work well together too.

PR is about thinking laterally, not literally. 

Don't expect press releases to appear EXACTLY as you issue them- journalists have the final say, always. 

How can PR help me?

Public relations can help your company grow and make a real difference to how your target market views you. It raises your profile and it can even boost staff morale- which can only be good for business.
Ultimately, we hope PR boosts your business.

Will it cost me a lot?

PR is often perceived as expensive- but, thanks to companies like us, these days it doesn't have to be. You can do as much or as little as you want. We don't tie you into fixed fees or contracts. To find out more visit our fees page.

How can we measure success?

If we're really honest, like so many services these days, it is quite hard to measure a return on your investment with PR.
We always set out what will be done and what we expect to be achieved, in terms of coverage, from the beginning of any working relationship. This is reviewed each month.
If your brand is being seen and, over a period of time, sales gradually increase and people talk about you, then your PR is working well.
What we will say is that PR is not a quick fix- results don't happen overnight.

Why are you different from other PR companies?

Anna Addison Associates is a PR company, not a marketing agency. We are experts in PR thanks to our journalism background and over 20 years in the industry.
We ONLY offer services related to PR- media relations, copywriting and social media-we're not a one-stop-shop farming work out to others.

What you see is what you get- a rarity in the PR industry!

Oh, and we ditch the jargon, get to the point and deliver a service that suits you.

Why should I choose Anna Addison Associates?

In summary we are: -

Cost effective Every PR campaign is different. Services and costs are tailored to your needs, dependent on what coverage and work is required- and we offer total flexibility and adaptability.
Contacts Extensive media experience means more local, regional, national and trade contacts in a wider range of areas.
Creativity Unusual 'spin' on a story gets more interest from a journalist or target market. We know what journalists need in the ever-changing media world. We're also 'ideas' people- creativity is our business.

Let Anna Addison Associates put your company in the spotlight. Contact us for more information.